We believe in our services

We are one vendor that will streamline the agricultural needs of your facility.


 Let our lawyers and permitting experts research your idea


We can design your whole space or just a part of it – We have experience with a multitude of products and materials


 Problem solving is our speciality


Our network of contacts is at your fingertips

what we do for our clients

There are a lot of decisions to make when starting your own cultivation facility or extraction lab. Investing in C2C Solutions will help ensure a successful future. We care and we have seen it all!

  • Procurement - Tell us the items you need and we will find them for you at the best pricing possible. We sell wholesale or below!
  • Consulting - Our experience can help you with your design & your construction. We’ve seen a lot of problems in this industry and we know how to solve them.
  • Retrofitting - Have an existing space or an issue? Let us find a way to make your idea work!
  • Retrofitting - Have an existing space or an issue? Let us find a way to make your idea work!
5 Million square feet of cultivation space developed
10 Years of Experience in the industry
Over 99+ Affiliates
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