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C2C Solutions is a leader in the horticultural and extraction equipment supplies sector. C2C Solutions has the ability to design your facility and oversee the implementation of your project. We receive products at OEM or distributor pricing, which allows us to provide rates at wholesale (or below) directly to the consumer.

C2C Solutions works closely with many other consultants, engineering services, manufacturers and businesses to help source high quality products, provide exceptional customer service, and ensure long term success for clients. With over 15 combined years in the field, our team will help optimize production in your facilities. C2C Solutions provides unique options to grow or extract sustainably, efficiently, cleanly and most importantly safely.

C2C Solutions has experience working in the States of Washington, Oregon, Colorado, Massachusetts, Michigan, Virginia, Arkansas, Hawaii, California, Nevada, Arizona, New Jersey, New York, Maine, Florida, Vermont, Pennsylvania, Oklahoma & Rhode Island.

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  • Leif was very knowledgeable with the various products and specs that would best increase our production and quality. We made the purchase because of C2C’s great customer care and support.
    Mark Ridenour

Meet Our Team

Leif Kantro

Managing Member

Leif Kantro began his career in the cannabis industry in 2012 after he graduated from Adelphi University with a BA in Communications. Starting with lighting sales, he quickly pivoted into a full procurement & problem solving position. He began developing his company in 2017 & founded his own firm in 2020 called C2C Solutions, LLC.

Jaime Kantro


Jaime Kantro has worked in construction administration since her graduation from Stony Brook University. Her B.A. in Environmental Design, Policy & Planning allowed her to begin her career in permit expediting and transition to project planning with a focus on sustainable energy usage. When she’s not working on administrative tasks.

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